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Anxious, Lonely, Irritable, Depressed?

Feel far from God?

Escape to the Internet, Porn, Work, Food?

I can help!



Providing one-on-one Christian Counseling to help men thrive spiritually, sexually, financially, emotionally, and relationally.




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Message of Hope

Because the sin of mankind created separation from Him (Romans 3:23), Father God sent His Son, Jesus Christ (Jn 3:16), to die on a cross to take the punishment we deserve (Rom 5:8) then rose from the dead proving Himself God and Savior (Rom 6:9). Christ actively pursues a personal, intimate relationship with everyone (Rev 3:20). Anyone who fully embraces Him is forgiven (Rom 10:9) to begin a transformation life by the Holy Spirit who lives within to comfort, guide, and change (Rom 8:26) as we abide in Him and His Holy Word, the Bible. All who repent and follow Christ alone escape Hell to spend eternity with Him (Rom 6:23).


Your Counselor

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Tim Fitzsimmons, CPC

2010 began a personal ministry of meeting weekly with men to disciple and counsel them and being led to do so on mission trips. With every encounter, the Holy Spirit used me as a vessel to provide hope and healing through Jesus. Today, I'm following my calling to counsel men professionally with a Certification in Pastoral Counseling from Hope Institute for Pastoral Counseling with a focus on Scripture and neuroscience, healthy sexuality, PTSD, and the neurology of money. I studied how the brain responds to trauma & anxiety, and how to Biblically address PTSD, unhealthy sexuality, affection for money, and addictions. My heart is to help men face themselves, give them helpful tools to refine their life, and connect them to intimacy with Christ and His Word so they can thrive spiritually, sexually, financially, emotionally, and relationally.

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